Horticulture and landscape architecture

Since its establishment, Art Vital Kft. Has been paying close attention to shaping the environment of the buildings and facilities it designs. On several occasions, the company has encountered demanding professional tasks that have brought it closer to learning about the beauty of gardening and landscape design, and getting into the professional field. The difficulties encountered in owning an architect's design activity, the lack of or difficult access to a variety of outdoor products and equipment, and the lack of specialized, concerted supply led the firm's management to take the issue seriously.

In recent years, Kft. Has purchased significant land on the edge of Nyíregyháza, between the new METRÓ Store and the Industrial Park at Debreceni út 348 with the intent to display unique outdoor solutions, materials, products and technologies in its genre establishes a park and allows the purchase and ordering of the presented products in the framework of commercial or general contractor construction.

In the spirit of the former concept, Debreceni Road Park was born, which is intended to provide ideas for individuals with family homes, people who intend to build, community designers, public space developers, designers and builders, and, if needed, designers or constructors.

A key part of the street scene is the play of the colorful and form-fitting elements of the DIRICKX fence system, behind which we display almost the entire product range of the ABeton decorative paneling in the park. Next to the main square, we have created a friendly, unique frame-framed model house that can be customized or ordered in unchanged form, built a pond and installed automatic irrigation systems to showcase the GARDENA product range, and hills for rock gardens and other busy terrain solutions. We will further enrich the park with street furniture and equipment, playground elements, FORMENTA flagpoles, outdoor lighting fixtures, and all the exterior items that we find and merit and display. We would like to hold professional events and open days in the park, during which a significant product line can be introduced.

We would like to enrich the impressive appearance of the product demonstration park with continuously evolving ornamental vegetation. At PARK we have a garden and landscape designer and a sales colleague
with professional advice, information and a unique range of products and services in this genre.