Technical inspection, implementation

In addition to its core design activity, Art Vital Kft. Has set the strategic goal of developing, reinforcing and continuing the company's technical inspection and execution activities, sensing the needs of the market and seeing the decline and dissolution of the former high-capacity, prestigious investment organizations.

For the continuation of the activity, the two executives of the company had more than 10 years of experience in the field of a large construction company with more than 10 years' experience, combined with decades of experience of partner technical supervisors. Considering the value for money of the service provided, the market welcomed the company's intention to expand its profile in this direction, and within a short period of time technical supervision and execution became the second pillar of the operation of Art Vital Kft.

The company's primary endeavor is to continue to take care of the realization of its own design, but for some outstanding projects, it also sees the implementation of foreign design ideas as a professional challenge and strives with great empathy to help deliver the highest quality results possible.

The achievements and references of Art Vital Kft. In this field are a guarantee that the investing client is aware of the plans of the builder-designer and can expect them to be executed with the best of intentions.