Art Vital Kft. Is a privately owned organization founded in 1994. The company's complex construction activities include design, technical inspection and execution, general contracting, design, marketing and implementation of gardening and landscaping facilities, as well as ad hoc expert activities related to the above.
The executives of the company have extensive professional experience, which has turned the community of young, talented professionals into a powerful organization. The staff is basically highly educated and, if necessary, able to communicate in a foreign language. The background of the work is the headquarters and the demonstration park. The company has advanced technical tools and continuously ensures the development of computer hardware and software background. Computer-based design is based on a 5-work network and application of the ArchiCAD for Team Work planning software, and many other computer software programs support daily tasks. External professional organizations and contributors of various profiles are regularly involved in the execution of current tasks, with whom a stable working relationship has been established in recent years.

Throughout its extensive construction business, the company has gained significant references in residential and public buildings, industrial, agricultural and commercial buildings, historic sites, town planning, and landscape and landscape design. By their nature, new facilities and refurbishments are included in the scope of the activity, and the area of ​​operation extends beyond their own and neighboring counties to the farthest parts of the country, and in some cases extends beyond the borders.

The activity of the company is continuously successful, its work supply is stable and its financial situation is orderly. The development of the Company is characterized by balanced growth, widening of the scope of activities, and the endeavor to improve the working conditions and quality. In order to meet customer requirements and further improve its competitiveness, the ISO 9001 quality system was introduced in 1999, with certification in the areas of construction design, technical inspection and execution, and in the field of general construction contractors.

The strategic goal of Art Vital Kft. Is to establish and stabilize regional operational activities based on the complex construction approach it represents, which enables the company to perform ad hoc tasks in other regions of the country and beyond its borders. The decisive means of realizing the above is to fully know, understand and satisfy the needs of our customers and partners, to maintain the confidence gained and to expand and broaden the customer base further.