Integrated Urban Development Strategy

The professional experience gained in the field of town planning and landscape design, as well as the special assignment in 2007 and the working relationships that have been established and proved successful, have formed the basis of a diversified business that has since become one of the has become a strategic activity.
The development of urban development action plans, started in 2007 on the basis of its own methodology, was replaced by the preparation of an "Integrated Urban Development Strategy" based on the methodologically handbook published centrally in January 2009 and partly redrafted in January 2009.
Performing these types of tasks to a high standard and effectively requires complex, wide-ranging professional collaboration and capacity concentration, with the PLAN-NET.HU Construction Engineering Network Cluster expressing a positive, diverse, complementary, supportive, practice-oriented and technical background analysis, his professional methodology and perception that emphasizes pre-studies, visualization illustrations. Richly illustrated "IVSs", based on the work experience of the company group and supported by supporting parts, are specifically made in a customer-friendly manner, are well-communicated and carry the foundation for future action area plans and concrete implementation.
The PLAN-NET.HU Construction Engineering Network Cluster is fully prepared and capable of detailed technical development of the invested basic concepts and their responsible implementation due to their full professional skills and considerable designing capacity.

By the end of 2009, ART VITAL KFT and the group of companies had been involved in the preparation of an Integrated Urban Development Strategy based on their own methodology, based on 30-40 settlements according to their own methodology. The "Rehabilitation of the Hajdúnánás City Center" completed in 2008, as well as the already successful winner in the preparatory phase of the concrete implementation in the towns of Nagyecsed, Dabas, Százhalombatta and Pápa are outstanding references.
The PLAN-NET.HU Construction Engineering Network Cluster has high hopes for a favorable professional judgment of the IVSs that it builds on, or is supported by, its work.

The Group intends to pay special attention to the continuous development of the methodology of the Integrated Urban Development Strategy, its own practice, the utilization of the extensive professional experience gained over several years, Thanks to this, it is really viable to make IVS tailor-made, realistic and realistic perspectives for a given settlement, and to review, update and update earlier materials, if needed, in the coming years.