"Support for on-the-job training for workers in small and medium-sized enterprises"

Beneficiary Name: "ART VITAL" Designer Construction and Trade Limited Liability Company
Project title: "Training of employees at Art vital Kft"
Project ID: GINOP-6.1.6-17-2018-00797
Contracted grant amount: $ 13,390,925
Aid rate: 100%
Location of implementation: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Selyem út 21.

"ART VITAL" Designer Construction and Trade Ltd. has received a grant of HUF 13,390,925 for the "Workers Support for Workplace Training for Employees of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises" Support Program for the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program training at Art vital Kft. ”” GINOP-6.1.6-17-2018-00797.

By implementing this project, our main goal is to increase the competitiveness of the business, improve employee flexibility and access to training, and improve employee knowledge by improving employee employability, workers' workplace skills and competences. Complementing our own resources, we provide our employees with access to training, and consider training as an investment in our own business. Employees are encouraged to continuously improve their knowledge.
Our trainings:

• Office IT applications in 35 hours-16 people
• IPAR 4.0 Solutions for Enterprise Management Systems with Distance Learning-16 students
• English Other Languages ​​/ Business / C2 2 1,069 - Level C2 - 8 people
• Computer Architectural Design - 6 people
• Communication and Conflict Management - 13 people
• Group efficiency, cooperation development - 18 people
• Basics of information security in 45 hours-6 people

This project was completed on 11/13/2019.